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Presents For 8 Year Olds Girl Uk | KidsCenter

Presents For 8 Year Olds Girl Uk

Presents For 8 Year Olds Girl Uk – ❚ Reviews are independent and based on expertise and tests. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, but this never affects our product selection.

There are some great new toys for 8-year-olds – from games, crafts and building toys to dolls, playsets – and even a DJ mixer. Check out our favorites…

Presents For 8 Year Olds Girl Uk

Presents For 8 Year Olds Girl Uk

Your 8-year-old now plays for extended periods of time, requires much less help and guidance from you, and is generally quite happy to spend time independently solving problems and completing constructions, arts or crafts, and other challenges.

Amazon.com: Hoogar Robot Toys For Kids Age 3 4 5 6 7 8+ Year Old Boys Girls, Birthday Gifts Stocking Stuffers For Kids

They enjoy games they can play with others their age, and learn (finally) to lose – and win – gracefully (often).

However, it’s worth remembering that your child may have started to develop a fairly fixed idea of ​​what kind of activities they like or are “good”, which can sometimes limit play a bit, so it’s often worth getting a little lost. Try a toy that involves them in something else.

To save money on toys, check out our Best Toy Deals page to keep up with the best toy sales.

Here’s our pick of the best toys for 8-year-olds, tested by kids and rated by their parents1. Clementoni Science Museum Mechanics Junior Moving Animals, £25 – great for learning about motors and movement

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What it is: 120-piece kit, including a motor unit, that can be assembled into 5 different animals (gorilla, lion, seal, shark, insect), all of which move and walk. It comes with a manual and a QR code to access the 3D video instructions.

Why we love it: Building for each animal is a good challenge: long enough to keep a kid soaked, but not so long that they get frustrated, and the video instructions are good. The real excitement, though, comes when the build is complete and you can make your beast move. “Wow! Flapping wings while moving!” Said girl – and debugger – Summaya, 8, who added: “I really like the bright colors. I definitely want to make another one now!” Our only complaint? The animals are a bit more complicated to disassemble than to assemble – your child may need a little help.

What it is: A 140-piece construction set from which you can quickly build super-cool-looking multi-level tracks for magnetic balls to run and perform stunt tricks. Comes with bridges, magnetic cannon, spiral, zipline and 2 trampolines. It includes instructions, tasks and floor tracks to perform, plus access to the GraviTrax app (free), where you can design more complicated tracks, and see the track from the dance’s perspective.

Presents For 8 Year Olds Girl Uk

Why we love it: It’s expensive, but it’s super cool—and there are so many tracks to build and stunts to come up with. It’s definitely a step up in stunt fun from the original GraviTrax starter set. Amelie, 8, one of our child testers, said: “This toy was really exciting to play with. I loved building the obstacles and it kept me and my brother and sister busy for hours.” His mother Holly added: “I love how this toy really encourages them to concentrate and use their brains: they have to pick out the right pieces and use their minds to visualize the layout first. I really think this toy is going to be really crazy.”

Unicorn And Friends Christmas Colouring Book For Kids Ages 4 8 (uk Version): Christmas Stocking Filler Gifts For Girls Or Boys 4 8 Years Old (silly Bear Colouring Books): Amazon.co.uk: Bear, Silly: 9781913671129: Books

3. Apples to Pears building a bee hotel gift in a tin, £14.00 – excellent for nature activities

What it is: A small 14cm x 10cm tin packed with everything you need to make a 9.5cm x 11cm x 9cm wooden house for bees and other insects. Includes all parts, glue and instructions, Plus tips for attracting bees to your garden.

Why we love it: It’s a brilliant gift for a nature-loving child, and there’s lots of information about individual bees and how your bee hotel can help. The instructions – with full color pictures – are large and clear enough that a child can (mostly) continue building on their own, making this a crafty afternoon project. Our child tester, Carly, 10, said: “I didn’t need much help to make the beehive, but my dad helped me put the roof on because it was hard to see where the holes went. It was fun to do, and I have. I’m very Love the design. We put the house in the garden on top of our shed, and I’m excited to see if there are bees coming into it.”

What it is: A battery-free pinball game powered by a magnet, during which players compete to throw the most balls into a cat’s open mouth. The 26 cm x 26 cm box opens to convert to the game board. Includes 24 balls, 2 magnetic Kitty Paw bobbleheads and 6 optional wall bumpers. For 2 players (or more if you’ve downloaded the special tournament app).

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Why we love it: We love how original and beautifully designed this game is – and that the box is the table. It is also very addictive to play! Natasha, mother of our tester Anthony, 8, said: “To be honest, us adults had as much fun as the kids. We were all hooked and became more and more competitive during the game I was going to!” Another of our baby testers, Rosie, 8, said: “I loved how the paws hit the eggs in. It’s really fun. There are no more toys like this!”

What it is: A set of 7 pocket card packs, each containing cards detailing different information and activities, all focusing on the natural world, and including games, challenges, puzzles, information sheets, stickers and temporary tattoos.

Why we love it: We love how you can slip a pack into your pocket or bag, ready for whenever those “I’m bored” moments hit. The activities are fun and open-ended fun and each pack has a nice variety of simpler and more challenging activities. Upon opening her first package, our child tester, Cadella, 8, said, “Wow—I love these little activities!” and quickly ran into the garden to find all the things she needed to make one of the pictures. Their mother, Shinin, said: “It’s a great way to get the kids away from the screens. The tasks and activities are well thought out and got our whole family involved. We love it!”

Presents For 8 Year Olds Girl Uk

What it is: A science kit containing plenty of equipment to perform 13 different climate change experiments (requires a few additional household products). It comes with a 32-page booklet, full of facts and step-by-step instructions for each experiment.

Young Girl Aged 8 Year Old / Seven Years Child / Kids / Children / Kid Looking And Trying Out The Toys In A London Toy Shop. Regent Street, London, Uk Stock Photo

Why we love it: The experiments are fun – you can make snow, an ice cave and gooey glacier slime – and the facts of climate change are presented in a fascinating way. As is often the case with these kits, you supplied some “ingredients” yourself – most of which are easy to find around the house – but Emma, ​​mother of our child tester Finley, 7, was a bit shocked to find this. glycerine. Isla, 7, one of our other kids tests was a big fan. She said: “I loved everything about the kit. I’ve never made snow before but my favorite was making the ice cave!” Nice to see that the kit itself is made of plastic, paper and recycled paper.

What it is: A small (15 cm) silicone frisbee that can fly more than 130 feet. It comes in several different designs, including limited-edition Christmas versions featuring festive reindeer (pictured, above) or polar bears.

Why we love it: It certainly flies a long way and we were impressed by how straight it flies too. The flexibility of its silicone means it’s easy to grip, and because it’s also small, it’ll slip into your pocket or bag on your way home from the park. “I loved when it went high in the air,” said our baby Amber, 7. “My brother and I loved seeing who could get the farthest.” Apparently, you can use it indoors and outdoors, but it has some health, so we’d be a little careful about using it indoors.

What it is: A 280-piece set (which is an update to last year’s version with Mario), that fits into a Super Mario obstacle course and features an interactive Luigi figure with LCD eyes, mouth and stomach. Send Luigi to your course to earn virtual coins in a special app (free). Comes with Pink Yoshi, Boom Boom and Bone Goomba figures.

Th Birthday Gift For Girl Birthday Gift For 8 Year Old Girl

Why we love it: We absolutely love Luigi’s light-up eyes and the game’s noises, which our kid testers say are “really cool.” The spinning swing challenge is also a lot of fun. Don’t be confused by the lack of paper instructions: they are in the app.

What it is: A craft kit that creates a 6cm 3D model of an animal by folding and gluing pieces of paper in numerical sequence. Comes with glue (non-toxic). Choose from 21 animals, including a dragon, tiger, unicorn, unicorn and lazy

Why we love it: Building animals is challenging

Presents For 8 Year Olds Girl Uk