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Gift Ideas For 1.5 Year Old Baby Girl | KidsCenter

Gift Ideas For 1.5 Year Old Baby Girl

Gift Ideas For 1.5 Year Old Baby Girl – We independently evaluate everything we recommend. When you buy from our links, we get a commission. Information >

We have reviewed this manual to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date. Children’s toy prices continue to fluctuate, and the prices of many of our selections have been updated accordingly.

Gift Ideas For 1.5 Year Old Baby Girl

Gift Ideas For 1.5 Year Old Baby Girl

When it comes to gifts, most 1-year-olds are not clingy. In fact, they may be as happy as the packaging. . By investing in the right toys and gifts, you can set your child up for many happy years.

Bath Toys,wind Up Swimming Crab Baby Bath Toys For 1 5 Year Old Boy Girls Gifts Toys

Look for toys that open up, like blocks and sippy cups, that can be played with in multiple ways, says Sarah Cleveland, director of a daycare center near Austin, Texas. Cleveland says this year’s game is mostly focused on sensory exploration and motor development, so toys with different shapes that invite little hands (and mouths, of course) to hold and explore are good choices. like starter toys. It provides opportunities for walking. This year is also a good time to invest in special items that last longer.

We spoke to Cleveland and other child development experts and combined the knowledge of parents and other caregivers from our staff to come up with fun and entertaining gifts for our little recipients. Some of the toys on this list are officially recommended for ages 2 and 3 and up. Our testers played with these toys outside of their age ratings and found them to adhere to this guideline. Children with medical problems and developmental delays can use toys recommended for most babies. When buying for them, it is best to ask the parent or the person who sees the age or the age of the child’s development.

If you’re looking for more kids gift ideas, check out our suggestions for the best gifts for 2 year olds, 3 year olds, 4 year olds, 5 year olds, and 6 year olds. . 7-year-olds, 8-year-olds, 9-year-olds and 10-year-olds, as well as the best sections for children. We also have gift guides for teens and couples. (All age recommendations should be taken with a grain of salt, as children grow at different rates.) And share your best thoughts in the comments below.

Shape sorting toys can quickly introduce puzzles to babies and toddlers by helping them learn problem-solving skills. Heather Singh, associate director of education and arts education at Thinkery, a children’s theater in Austin, Texas, recommends this kit from Omombi. Every time we wake up, my son plays and plays with them. The shape is connected with thick threads, so you don’t keep chasing under the seat for missing triangles, and this toy is easy to carry in the stroller. Yes, most 1-year-olds put those white teethers right in their mouths, but that’s okay—Oombee teethers are made of silicone. edible and can be easily cleaned with soap and water or the dishwasher. .

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Even though we are half a day’s drive from the nearest beach, since our daughter is a toddler, she has made a habit of clicking Melissa and Doug sand toys almost everywhere we go. eat This is our secret weapon for keeping him entertained in a city full of restaurants and pubs with outdoor patio seating and gravel floors. We always wanted to enjoy some grown-up conversation at dinner, so we stocked the Seasidex Cave. Our daughter and her new little friends at the table around her are always busy bending over and comparing pebbles and sand. The toy is made of strong plastic, and the handle is easy to take anywhere, whether in a restaurant, park, or the actual beach.

Bath time usually involves a lot of drama in my house. My daughter often refuses to go in the tub and is reserved for meltdown time. The change in his bath time happened when we adjusted our bathroom fixtures in this bathroom. Baby shower walls can be inflated and connected to create a curved channel for water. These tubes are a great educational tool to help young children look forward to bath time and explore cause and effect.

A very soft and gentle friend who makes sweet things for little children. Gund versions are popular, but most Wirecutter kids gravitate towards Jellycat toys in London. The company makes soft and stuffed animals in many sizes, but the smallest is the easiest for a 1-year-old to toss around. We gave this to my daughter when we had her braces removed at 14 months. The trade was a huge success: Ban Boon has become a constant companion in bed, in the garden, on bike rides and in his daily care (wherever).

Gift Ideas For 1.5 Year Old Baby Girl

For the whole class). Today we rotate the three of them (so as not to lose even a little), all of them dressed as if they had just finished the hike. the Appalachian Trail. Fortunately, they are easy to wash and return to their original sweet, shiny appearance.

The 24 Best Gifts For 1 Year Olds In 2022

Most toddlers have been playing with a ball for a while, but because of their developing motor skills, 1-year-olds are frustrated when trying to catch soccer or playground balls. When they first learned how to throw and throw a ball, my kids loved colorful, cute, colorful balls like these from Edushape. Another hit with my boys: visiting friends to drive and throw or toss a couple of balls with them.

There are endless types of these types of fences. Over the years, this Melissa & Doug version of the classic Fisher-Price doll is a beautiful wooden model that has provided a lot of fun for many children in my family. One-year-olds may like to sort by color or shape, and different-shaped towers offer more challenges as babies get younger. There are just enough blocks that older children can use, line up and build at will.

Eggs are popular in our house. We talk about them, we cook them, and when my son turned two, he started playing with these cute, scary models every day. A favorite (my oldest son gave it to him as a baby), the six colored eggs of different shapes correspond to the same part of the picture. My son couldn’t match the shapes and put the shell together and hide the whole thing. He put it in a pot on the stove in his play kitchen and yelled, “eggs!” he shouted. I feel like the future of our breakfast is in good hands.

When I was pregnant with my first child, a friend gave me a garbage bag full of baby supplies, and this simple piece of plastic broke. Despite this modest introduction, the musician – who played many classics such as Rossini’s Opera William and Mozart’s Serenade No. 13 – made my son, and later his sister young, can not resist colorful lights. . , an easy-to-grip handle (my daughter can hold it in one hand while walking around like she’s using a mini bomb), and maybe the most important thing is the level of noise he can handle. With two custom audio modes, it can only trigger the fat, not actively trigger the caregivers. process. Because the best musical toys are the ones that don’t end up “accidentally” buried in a diaper.

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In our house, Magna-Tiles are nicknamed “melt-tiles” because they keep falling off and irritating my kid’s fingers. The Blockaroo Magnetic Bubble Makers, included in magnetic STEM construction toys like this one, are even faster. These blocks are made of soft and durable foam (so you can use them as toys), and they click easily to make rockets, helicopters, ant-like crystals, and other things. They’re fun for little hands to hold and enjoy, and easy to arrange, stack, and connect in new ways that won’t overwhelm a frustrated child.

Playskool favorite Busy Poppins is one of the classic baby games that never gets old (at least for fans of his size). Little hands can pull a cord, turn a switch, turn a switch, or press a button to create a cute animal – the best knowledge to teach cause and effect. There are also numbers, and bright, beautiful colors. (Also featured as an option in our guide to the first toys for kids with special needs.) Courtney Schley, Senior Editor, Radio.