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Best Activities For 18 Month Old | KidsCenter

Best Activities For 18 Month Old

Best Activities For 18 Month Old – I originally created these shape monsters for rope activities, but we had other ideas on how to play with them. They are made from sheets of felt (you want the stiffer ones to hold their shape). I cut out squares, triangles and circles, put googly eyes in them and slit the middle of each shape. Wide eyes are optional if you think your child can put them in their mouth. Scarlett wasn’t interested in taking her eyes out, so I kept them. I made an identical pair for each shape. Here are some ways to play these shape monsters:

Put some buttons in a ziplock bag, add hair gel, draw a circle on the back of the bag and tie it to the window. The object of the activity is to move all these buttons around the circle. It’s great for developing those little finger motor skills! I also drew a cat’s eyes and nose, to make it look like it’s eating the buttons. Another variation of this activity is to put buttons of 2 colors on the bag and draw 2 circles of these colors on the bag, then the objective of the activity would be to move the buttons to the circle of the same color.

Best Activities For 18 Month Old

Best Activities For 18 Month Old

This game took me 5 minutes to make. I cut out fish shapes from cardboard, put adhesive magnetic discs on each one, and made a fishing rod by wrapping a strong magnet in a piece of tulle and attaching it to a pen. We took turns catching and releasing fish, and it was fun!

The Best Activities For Babies (12 18 Months)

This is a very fun game to play with a child. Hide a feather under one of the lids of the packet of tissues attached to a plate and encourage your child to look for it. When the feather is found, use it to tickle your child. I keep all the other lids empty, but optionally small flat animal toys or magnets can be placed there to be discovered. I used hot glue to attach the flaps for durability, but they’re still sticky if you use them immediately after removing them from a pack of baby wipes. This game was inspired by The Tickle Book, which has tabs with tickle monsters hidden underneath.

Painting can be more fun for children when they paint something unusual. We tried painting on ice, and it looked like a great pictorial and sensory activity for her, she was very curious to know what was going on. We used finger paint and regular brushes for this activity.

I saw how interested Scarlett was in sorting clean clothes, so I gave her some baby socks to practice putting them together. These socks worked really well because they have animal faces on them, she really liked matching them and I had a 5 minute break.

This is a great activity for practicing fine motor skills. Scarlett was the first to try to remove the rubber bands from the doll’s legs that I put in there, but now she’s learning to put them on herself. There is a variation of putting hair ties in the bottle, but I found this one more interesting for her.

Your Toddler’s Developmental Milestones At 18 Months

The book of the first 100 animals is ideal for this activity. I ask Scarlett to find a toy that’s in the picture and put it aside. We have invested in a variety of Schleich animals as they are of very good quality and look like real animals, but any animal toy would do.

These finger puppets took me less than 2 minutes to make. Although they didn’t look exactly like ducks, Scarlett was always thrilled to see me sing “5 Little Ducks” so she tried putting them on her fingers and overall she seemed to believe it was it was ducks. Older children can get really creative with latex finger puppets and feathers and other materials glued to them.

This activity also gave me about 10 minutes of mom’s time. The foam letters stick to a window or mirror when wet, so I doused them with water and gave the container to Scarlett. She seemed genuinely impressed that the letters were stuck to the window and kept taking them off and putting them back on. It is also ideal for learning letters.

Best Activities For 18 Month Old

It’s very funny to see a tower run over by a truck. We’ve used these stackable cups for a variety of activities.

When Babies Walk, And How They Learn To Take Those First Steps

This activity is ideal for color grading, it is easy to set up and clean. If a child still can’t sort by color, they might like to put hair ties on straws, regardless of color. Hair ties can fit in a child’s mouth, please be very careful with this activity.

This activity was a success for us. We started using modeling clay when Scarlett was around 20 months old, and it seems Scarlett loves it more and more every day. Today I gave her a plate of green plasticine balls, drew a tree trunk and showed her how to flatten the balls to make the tree canopy. It’s great for motor skills and sensory experience, but I still have to watch her closely to make sure the clay doesn’t get into her mouth.

I drew happy, surprised, angry and sad faces on the balloons and asked Scarlett to try copying the facial expressions.

If you receive a package with bubble wrap, do not throw it away! I stuck bubble wrap on the floor and Scarlett had a blast stepping on it. She also crawled on it and tried to pop the blisters with her hands. It’s a great sensory experience. I probably enjoyed it as much as her, but I had to go off the bubble wrap route to let her breathe – the sacrifices we make for our children 🙂

Activities For 1 Year Olds

We did this handprint art for Father’s Day, although my husband also participated in this project to leave his handprint and know it was coming, there was always an element of surprise because he didn’t know what we were going to do with his handprint 🙂 I first painted a blue background on the canvas, let it dry and then got our family to leave their handprints. Added fox faces after handprints have dried. I love that it’s ready to hang, great for keepsakes and perfect for our fox themed room. I found this great deal on seven packs of 12″ x 12″ canvas and we use them for our projects.

It’s an easy activity to set up for any DIY enthusiast like me. I glued 3 pieces of construction paper in different colors to the top of the box and made slits in the box to insert the craft sticks. The idea is for a child to insert colored craft sticks of the appropriate color into the cracks. The complexity of the activity can be varied by cutting slits in different directions, and that’s how I made this box, but my recommendation is actually to do the slits in the same direction as I saw at how difficult it was for 19-month-old Scarlett to figure out the right way to insert the poles.

I tied some feathers to a string and tied them to the umbrella so Scarlett could sit inside. The idea is to blow on the feathers to see them fly, because blowing is so good at training the mouth muscles for speech development. But she seemed to like sitting under the umbrella and playing with them too.

Best Activities For 18 Month Old

This activity title is self-explanatory. We use colored ping pong balls and play with the whole family. After we finished rolling the ping pong balls, we started sending cars to these little garages – turns out Scarlett had a collection of little race cars that were perfect for this activity.

Amazon.com: Nutty Toys Glow In The Dark Pop Tubes Sensory Toys

We had flowers left after Mother’s Day, so I put some in an ice cube tray and froze them. Later, it was a fun sensory experience for Scarlett to play with these flowery ice cubes. She poured water from a teapot over them and watched them melt.

First I drew a frog on a sheet of paper. Then I put it in a clear protective sheet, stuck it to the window, and gave Scarlett round green stickers to put on a frog. Scarlett is now 20 months old and seems to understand what she needs to do. We also tried this activity at 18 months and by then she was putting stickers all over the sheet. I like to use a clear release liner because the stickers can be removed and repositioned, and also because the design can be reused with another release liner.

Foam letters are ideal for all types of activities. Here we are simply combining a number shape with the outline of the shape. I used markers of the same colors for the outline. At 20 months, Scarlett practices this activity with ease. I don’t know if it’s because we did too much bingo