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18 Month Old Sensory Activities | KidsCenter
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18 Month Old Sensory Activities

18 Month Old Sensory Activities – Wondering what activities to do with my 18 month old? How can you deal with them? If the answer is yes, then you’ll love these simple activities and ideas for 18-month-olds that don’t require special equipment, just household items that mom and dad can make at home with their kids. So here are your ideas to keep your little one busy all day at home with our best at home tested activities to do with your toddler 18 months and under.

Note: There is some overlap between our activities for children under 2 and activities for toddlers, as children develop at different times and have different strengths. Click on the links and judge whether the activity will work for your child at their current stage of development.

18 Month Old Sensory Activities

18 Month Old Sensory Activities

We have included affiliate links to certain products and resources that you can earn on qualifying purchases as an affiliate.

Indoor Toddler Activities For 12 18 Months

These are 35 fun things for kids 18 months and under (6 months to 18 months) that we did at home with our kids. They are great for preventing distractions and more.

All of them are easy to set up and mostly free and very low cost.

Before your child can sit unassisted and lack hand-hand coordination, there are many different activities you can do with your child. Take a look at our ideas for simple things you can do with your babies under 6 months each month of their lives.

Rainy Day Mom We love arts and crafts, and when my two were little I loved trying out different activities and getting them to practice using different materials.

Month 8: Top 10 Sensory Activities For Your 8 Month Old Baby » Sensory Lifestyle

This was a good way to start regular crafts. Once they can hold a spoon, they can easily hold a paintbrush or sponge brush.

You can see from the photos that I engaged in those activities while my daughter was in the high chair.

Since we are not daycare providers, all of these activities were done with her in our kitchen and dining room, so she wanted to contain as much clutter as possible.

18 Month Old Sensory Activities

As I got older, we moved into free arts and crafts, but at this stage, I loved the ease of cleaning up while doing this.

Sensory Pom Pom Drop For 12 18 Months

You don’t need a lot of art supplies to get started, some glue – Melissa and Doug have a great selection, a large sheet of paper (wallpaper or easel paper), and a few rolls of toilet paper that you can use to paint any shape. or to roll

Need more arts and crafts ideas for your older babies? Then get even more inspired with our nursery rhyme crafts for toddlers.

Babies and toddlers are sensory seekers, exploring the world through their 5 senses. See, hear, taste, feel and smell.

These sensory play ideas will work with your babies once they start sitting up and eating without support. We tend to use a plastic storage box as a sensor tub or sensor bowl, but you can also use a small bucket or water table. We didn’t use any shaving cream with her, but we’ve been marbling shaving cream ever since, which is fun because at this point she puts it all in her mouth.

Learning Games And Activities For 16 Month Old Baby

However, some other ideas can use water beads, just make sure your little one is past the mouthing stage for this type of play. You can prepare a tray to play with water, place a towel under it to prevent things from sliding. Or even a backyard sandbox filled with toys.

Have you already tried busy bags with your babies? These are fantastic and perfect for taking with you in the car, throwing in your changing bag or keeping in the stroller when you need to entertain your little ones. Here are some of our favorite recommendations – these are affiliate links

I love supporting small businesses and Etsy is the place to find the perfect busy bags for this range. There is a large selection and they have different capabilities. I loved the cookies and cook bag for my kids, they love to cook the cookies and then we count them and count them again. Another favorite, Finger Puppet Farm – how cute are they?

18 Month Old Sensory Activities

The foundation you lay when your child is young will help develop the muscles and hand-eye coordination needed for writing later in life.

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Everything is new to a baby, but at that point you can create new experiences for them and let them explore.

Here are some suggestions for places and experiences for your baby and toddler, as well as our top tips for visiting and exploring.

Reading with your child is a great way to get her interested in books and learning. It also helps to expand your vocabulary. Many baby books also aim to stimulate the senses, they may have different textures, lift flaps or exciting sounds.

Our Favorite Book There were one or two books that our children loved when they were young. “It’s Not Mine” series and “Indestructible” series.

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Check out some of our other recommendations for year-round reading; While some may be aimed at toddlers or preschoolers, these books are great for reading aloud to even the smallest baby, and it’s a good idea to get into the habit early with bedtime stories.

If you want to start cooking with your toddler, check out some of our easy recipes we’ve tried with our little ones in our home kitchen, along with our pick for the best recipe for cooking with toddlers.

If you have a little one who loves dinosaurs, our favorite dinosaur crafts and activities will be their favorite.

18 Month Old Sensory Activities

How to fly into space with these easy space activities and crafts that you and your little ones can do at home.

Month 20: Top 10 Sensory Activities For 20 Month Toddler » Sensory Lifestyle

Cerys is a UK marine biologist, environmental educator, teacher, mother and home educator. You love to be creative, whether it’s with simple and easy crafts and ideas, activities to make learning fun or delicious recipes you and your kids can cook together; You’ll find them all shared on Rainy Day Mum. We are only thirty days away from baby #2! At this point, nesting mode involves little more than cleaning and setting up a nursery. I want to make sure Amy has lots of fun and educational activities to do in the first few weeks her new sister is home. We know this will be a tough time with crazy sleep schedules and so many other changes, so I want to make sure she has a variety of activities to keep her entertained and happy! Here are a few that we’ve tried so far that have been big hits! Be sure to check out our daily activity chart too!

See an activity you love? Be sure to click the “pin” button on the left side of your screen to save it!

We have seen a huge improvement in our toddler’s vocabulary since using our Fundamentals flashcard set. They cover more than 50 colors, shapes and root words. I chose to laminate and punch holes to add our cards to a binder ring (helps prevent a strong child from throwing them across the room!).

This activity is listed as #1 because it was the biggest success of all the activities! All you need is construction paper, a small container of water, and a paintbrush. I kept the brush sponge around, but I recommend using something that doesn’t absorb as much water. We tested the paper because it got wet very quickly. A small brush with small bristles (like this set, designed for small hands) works well! Cleanup is also very easy!

Baby Sensory Play: Water

Although these cards had been displayed on our fridge for a while, it was really cool to have them all at your fingertips! She really loved this! Who knew items that were already in our kitchen would become so popular?

If you don’t already have a set of magnetic letters, let me tell you that they can keep you entertained in the kitchen while you try to cook. You can get a bucket here on Amazon.

Fine motor skills intensive activity of all! We used playdoh, noodles and straws to do this activity. Although this activity lasted a long time, it was not dedicated to threading noodles. Finally we got pay-doh and then we started cooking noodles in a cup and a spoon… and that lasted a while! But she and we had a lot of fun

18 Month Old Sensory Activities